47: Kelsi Zimmerman and her Beauty Boss Journey

March 17th, 2021

Kelsi Zimmerman is an NYC-based Beauty Editor and founder of The Tan Bible (TheTanBible.com), a sunless tanning-focused website, and Best Spray Tans Near Me (bestspraytansnearme.com); an advertising platform for spray tan artists. Currently, Kelsi’s life revolves around writing and creating content for the sunless tanning industry. If it’s developed to give you a sunless tan or anything to do with the tanning process at all, Kelsi is writing about it. 


Before starting The Tan Bible, Kelsi’s byline was used to frequent Allure.com, Betches.com, MarieClaire.com, ManeAddicts.com, TeenVogue.com, and Hypebae.com — along with other sites. Kelsi also held a position as WWD's Fashion Editorial Assistant for three years before entering the world of freelance beauty writing.


When Kelsi isn't trying out the latest beauty and tanning product launches, she is likely working out, checking one of her many horoscope apps, or traveling to a new city. You can follow The Tan Bible on Instagram @The_Tan_Bible, find the best spray tan artist near you @BestSprayTansNearMe, or follow Kelsi’s personal account @KekeAndTheCity, where she is often making fun of herself or sharing astrology memes that are all-too-relatable.













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46: Dee and Steve Moore and their Beauty Boss Journey

March 10th, 2021

From Spare Room to Commercial Salon....


Dee and Steve, owners of Multi-Award-winning salon, Moore Beautiful, were inundated with requests from fellow lash and beauty salon owners, asking for their support. This led them to open their second business BOSS - Bring On Salon Success. With their vast knowledge and expertise in marketing, finance, and growth, they are empowering other lash and brow beauty owners around the world to level up and transform their businesses, as they have with Moore Beautiful.


Dee and Steve's passion to support their students as they live and breathe to instill their ambition and success in other business owners.


Sign up for our CEO coaching package using the discount code #beautyboss and get your first month FREE!!









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45: Katie Stevens and her Beauty Boss Journey

February 12th, 2021

Katie is a life influencer and entrepreneur with a passion for helping women succeed in business and kick serious goals in life!


She has travelled the world hosting events, presenting on world stages, coaching small business owners, and has built 5 successful businesses from the ground up. She thrives on meeting new people and supporting her online community to achieve things they never thought were possible.










Grab your FREEBIE:


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44: Lucika Mora and her Beauty Boss Journey

January 25th, 2021

Our 1st podcast episode for 2021 is here featuring Lucika Mora-Rind from Hale O Nails and beauty.

I love featuring our members of Beauty Boss Pro and giving them the space to share their stories and journey. This builds their confidence as a public speaker and uncovers so many incredible business tips that can empower our listeners to:

Build their business with purpose and Create their dream Life.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/haleonailsandbeauty

Facebook: https://facebook.com/haleONailsandBeauty

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43: Moving Past The Uncomfortable - We’re Living on an RV!

November 13th, 2020

In this episode, Angela gives an update on a huge and bold move that she and her family have recently embarked on.


Moving Past the uncomfortable feeling of what she thought was the right thing to do and continue on with building both her salon and beauty business co- but really when she gave herself the space to sit and figure out what really was lighting her up, Angela made the decision that it was time to put her energy into 1 business.


This is not what was in the 5 or 10-year vision was for Angela, in fact, it was far from where she thought she was headed. Selling everything she and her family owns, closing her successful beauty salon of 8 years to buy a motorhome to travel Australia for a year before her son starts school and be completely focused on serving the Beauty Business Co Community.


Have a listen and let me know your biggest and scary decisions for your business and family. 

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42. Alyce Reynolds and her Beauty Boss Journey

October 21st, 2020

Alyce Reynolds is the owner of Defined Brow Studio . Solo owned and operated, Alyce shares so much insight into the highs and lows of being a start up, and how leaning into what lights her up and mapping out a 5 year vision, helped Alyce become in complete alignment. 




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41: Sarah King and her Beauty Boss Journey

September 24th, 2020

Sarah is a mum of 2 beautiful girls, a wife to 1 incredibly understanding and patient man and is one hell of a #BeautyBoss.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Sarah is completely off the floor of her salon Husk Beauty Bar and spends her days Planning, Building and Running the business behind the scenes.


Earlier this year Sarah took the long awaited plunge into creating her own skincare line Mali Skincare which we have a special promotion of 15% off site wide starting today if you would like to try it and support another Beauty Boss. Head to www.maliskincare.com.au

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Lauren Scifleet and her Beauty Boss Journey

September 17th, 2020

Welcome to episode 40 of the Confessions of a #BeautyBoss Podcast. On today's episode we speak with Lauren Scifleet, owner of H20MEDISPA in Canberra. I have loved hearing about Lauren's journey of 16 years in our industry and how she has recently restructured her business so that no matter what life throws at her her business will continue to thrive. We also speak openly around choosing your brand partners, how Lauren supports her team with their strengths so that they feel lit up and motivated and why having mentors starting out in the industry has shaped Lauren to become the Beauty Boss she is today. 


Follow Lauren on Instagram : www.instagram.com/h2ospa 


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39: Can Posting On Social Media Really Make Me Sales?

July 27th, 2020

During this episode, Angela will share how she felt when she started her beauty salon and how she was instantly attracted to how social media could allow her to engage with her audience when her business doors were closed, her methods for having an incredibly successful Skin Fit Series Launch making $10 000 in 4 days from social media marketing, and her 3 best pieces of advice on selling without selling on social media.


Join our 5 Days to FEARLESS Instagram Stories Challenge :


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38: Alanna Byriel and her Beauty Boss Journey

July 3rd, 2020

Alanna is the owner of Gloss Skin and Beauty and has gone from from solo owned and operated into leading a team of 5 plus has recently moved into a brand new Gloss Headquarters just before lockdown. Alanna mentions that by focusing on HER BIG is what has kept her on track so that she can celebrate each win along the way. This Beauty Boss has taken leadership of her team into her own hands, and has not only been her biggest business hurdle, but has been the most rewarding for her business growth. 







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